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Mark Springsteen

How to Properly Fly a Tour

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I am posting about this subject, because I have noticed some of you are flying one of our tours,and are not getting the credit you deserve. When you want to fly a tour, the first thing you need to do is sign up for the tour on the tour page and select the aircraft you wish to use for the entire tour. Once that is done, you will need to do all your bidding from within the tour page.

So , you are all signed up for the MLB National League Tour, you then go to bid on leg. Once you bid on the first leg of the tour, which is KLGA to KPHL, you will get a big green check mark that indicates your bid has been added to your bid schedule. So you go to Sky Club ACARS, select bids, and it will show up in your bid sheet. Hit fly and the flight will be added to ACARS and you are ready to fly. Once you complete the flight and submit it to the website, you can go back into the tour page and start the process all over again, until the tour is completed.

Any questions, please ask in this forum.

Blue Skies!

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