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Good Morning JFK Pilots, My name is Tom Pletzke and I am your new hub manager. I am looking forward to helping us continue to be the successful hub we are today. I am still in the process of setting up emails and our forum page but you can contact me via discord message for questions or if you need help.

Here is a little about myself. I have been in flight simulation since 2001and became a hub manager at a virtual airline in 2008. I was a hub manager there for about 10 years. I really enjoy being part of a VA, leading by example, and making this a fun and/or educational place to learn more about flight simulation. I fly about 50 percent on Vatsim and use vPilot and kACARS with the Sound Pack. I have used fs9, fsx, xplane, and now find myself using p3dv4. I am curious about the new Microsoft flight simulator that may come out in 2020 based on the scenery graphics.

My hobbies include flight simulation, saxophones (in a couple bands), fishing, biking, hunting, and I golf about twice a year. I have a masters degree in Information Systems and development on The Pega CRM platform.

I excited to be part of the team at KJFK and will be on the lookout for some good JFK scenery.

Keep Climbing!

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