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[NOTAM] ATL Real Ops

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NOTAM] Pilots:

Fly Delta Virtual has been invited to be a focus airline for an upcoming event at VATSIM. On June 29, 2019, Atlanta Real Ops will take place, and will have full staffing from CTR to GND...everything! The ARTCC wants to mimic real world ops, and have asked Fly Delta Virtual to participate.

When we were asked to participate, they requested we choose a flight arriving into KATL, and one departing KATL. We chose KDTW to KATL, and KATL to KBOS. We will fly it just in that order: we will start in Detroit, fly to Atlanta, drop off our passengers, and then load up and fly KATL-KBOS. If you want to fly another route, you can, but you will NOT be prioritized by ATC....so expect a long wait, and lots of circling.

IMPORTANT: We MUST tell the ARTCC how many pilots we expect to participate, so they can slot us into the day, and provide us with Priority approach and departure. So, YOU MUST SIGN UP NOW otherwise we won't have an accurate count. I have set it for 20 slots initially, but can add more if we fill up. The time you choose is not as important as just signing up so we have a number.

Sign up here, immediately: https://crew.flydeltavirtual.org/index.php/events/get_event?id=38

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