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Fly for the Kentucky Derby

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Fly for the Kentucky Derby

Get the Horses to the Kentucky Derby on Time!

On May 4, 2019 the 145th run of Churchill Downs will take place at the Kentucky Derby, but the horses are still in Tampa!  This group flight will take place beginning 3pm and 6pm EDT from KTPA to KSDF.  Upon successful landing at Louisville, the DME will message you for your horse pick for the races, which takes place at 6:50pm EDT.  Whoever picks the winner, and of those winners, the pilot with the landing closest to -100 Ft/min as recording by ACARS on your PIREP will win a FREE COPY OF FSDREAMTEAM Scenery of KSDF for FSX and P3D!

When: Saturday May 4, 2019, arriving into KSDF between 3-6pm Eastern Time.

Where: Group flight from Tampa International (KTPA) to Louisville Sandiford International (KSDF) (flight time 1h30)

Who: Registered Fly Delta Virtual pilots only

Contest: Horse choices will be published on DISCORD earlier on Saturday. Upon arrival to KSDF, reach out to Jeff on Discord and let him know you have arrived and give him your pick for the winning horse.  No changes!  Once you have given him your choice, you can log off and wait for the results.  Once the winning horse is announced, the Fly Delta Virtual Admin team will tabulate the winners.  In the event that there is more than one winner, we will use your landing rate, as recorded by ACARS on your PIREP, and the winner will be the pilot who chose the winning horse, and has a landing rate as close to -100 feet/min.

Prize: Free copy of FSDreamTeam Louisville Scenery ($28) for FSX and P3D.  Depending on the number of pilots who participate, we may offer additional First prizes.


1. You must fly the KTPA-KSDF route on VATSIM

2. You must have a full and complete ACARS log for the flight.  Manual Pireps may be eligible for flight credit but WILL NOT be eligible for the prize.

3. Everyone has an equal chance of winning, This is not a race.

4. One entry per person

5. Only one pick for winning horse

Any Questions, reach out to Jeff or any member of the Admin Team.

Sign Up Now:https://crew.flydeltavirtual.com/index.php/ccevents/event/11

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