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Automatic Flight Assignments

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Automatic Flight Assignments are now operational!

After 3 months of development and testing, the Automatic Flight Assignments system has been fully developed and approved for general VA use. This Automatic Flight Assignments system automatically assigns flights to pilots based off of a given amount of time, and we have enabled pilots the jurisdiction and ability to adjust their individual settings in that respect.


The system assigns flights in correct time order. This means, that if you arrive at KATL at 17:00z, the next departure from KATL will be after 17:40z.


The Automatic Flight Assignments system does not just select random flights. It looks into several factors that will determine your itinerary, such as the day of week and departure/arrival times. 


Night stops are possible for the early sleepers of Fly Delta Virtual. For example, if a flight arrives on a Tuesday evening and the return flight departs at 06:00z on a Wednesday morning, the system is designed to consider those types of flights for planning.


When new assignments have been created, pilots will receive a notification email with a list of their assigned flights whenever any new assignments have been created.


An important note to those inactive people on our roster, the system will only generate flights for active pilots. Once a pilot is inactive, the system will no longer generate any flights for this pilot and they will not receive notification emails from the system anymore.


To view this new system, please visit the Crew Center and select Flight Assignments from the Flight Operations section of the Sidebar.


We are proud to present the Automatic Flight Assignments system to enhance your enjoyment of the Fly Delta Virtual experience.  It has been a long requested enhancement, and after a long testing period, we are excited to present it to you.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to you hub manager, or a member of the executive team.


Jeff E. / DAL1706

Director of Marketing and Events

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