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[NOTAM] FDV Instructors

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Hi all,

Fly Delta Virtual is looking for some new instructors to join our new pilot training team. If you have any VATSIM or Real World credentials that you have to offer, then please speak up and let us know!

Duties of the role of Instructor here at Fly Delta Virtual would include:

  • Provide initial and continuing instruction to students aspiring for higher pilot training/knowledge
  • Maintain written training records in our central pilot database system, which is accessible by the DPT, and Administrative staff
  • Monitor progress of students assigned to them specifically, including;
    • Assigning written exams from the sylybus to students when they are ready for solo practice
    • Recommending students for an Over-The-Shoulder Exams to the DPT
  • Conducting Over-The-Shoulder Exams when requested by other instructors
  • Generally provide support to students in their learning process.

Potential applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a P1+ on the VATSIM network/or a Real World pilot
  • Have been a member for FDV for a minimum of 2-3 months
  • Demonstrated commitment to spending time with students
  • Considerable skill and knowledge of VATSIM Pilot Training Procedures, and Fly Delta Virtual Training Procedures
  • Communicate in a professional level of English
  • Eager to learn new information, and willing to accept criticism in the interest of personal growth
  • Having great patience through difficult situations
  • Willing to follow the training curriculum as specified by the Director of Pilot Training, or other superiors.


Applications can be sent to [email protected] where you can both detail how you meet these requirements, and how you excell at them as well.

Good luck to everyone!

Staff at the Fly Delta Virtual Academy

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