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  2. Jeff E. | DME

    February 2019 Newsletter

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  4. Last night, I accepted the Hub Manager position for ATL, and I couldn't be happier to work with all of you. Let me introduce myself. I am Jeff, I live in Portland, Oregon (KPDX) and have been simming since I was about 9-10. That was about 30 years ago...when I first got a hold of Sublogic Flight Simulator, and you could only fly in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and maybe Seattle. Not between them, only within the regions, and the only option was a Cessna 172 (I think). How far we have come to P3D and X-Plane. As for my career here at Fly Delta Virtual, I joined a few months ago, after experimenting with several VA's. I've been on an off with VA's since the early 2000s, but had a hard time finding a good fit. Fly Delta Virtual is a perfect fit for me, with some flexibility, activity and structure. I want to see the VA grow and succeed, and while I was at the SEA hub, I thought I would pitch in and help the VA grow. So here I am, leading the ATL Hub. As for my rig, I fly on a late 2017 iMac, 27" 5k screen, 4.2GHz i7 quad core processor, with 40gb DDR4 ram. My video card is a Radeon Pro 580 with 8gb. I have P3D v4.4 installed on a Bootcamp/Windows partition, but when I don't feel like booting into Windows, I am dabbling in X-Plane 11.30. But, I am not all in on X-Plane....yet. A couple of simple ground rules that should be no surprise (they are all in the SOP) and I am pulling this from my intro letter to all new ATL pilots: Make sure you file your first PIREP asap. Per the SOP, your first flight must be within 14 days of acceptance. Make sure you review the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) when you have a chance: https://crew.flydeltavirtual.org/index.php/downloads/dl/9 It will answer most of the questions you might have. Make sure you let us know if you have transfer hours, which we will transfer over from either a verifiable online source, or VATSIM (not both). Be sure to review the Rank and allowed aircraft for your rank. If you have less than 300 hours (including transferred hours), you will have restrictions for the time being on which aircraft you can fly (see the SOP for a list). Unfortunately, if you fly and file a PIREP using equipment for which you are not rated, your PIREP will be denied…and no one wants that. Landing rates should be 600ft/min or less. Great than that, and your PIREP will be rejected. Anything over 600ft/min is well, an expensive..um...landing? I'm not sure if it qualifies as you might not walk away from it! Sim rate is 4x or less. Don’t go above that as it is not allowed. Also, if you are on Vatsim or flying online, you shouldn’t use 4x without controller approval. Routes should be valid, and follow the standard format such as (there are some variations, and all are acceptable): KEPTA2 BMPAH AEVON GEE FLOSI3 Use the ACARS systems (you have two to choose from unless you are flying on x-plane). Manual PIREPS are accepted, BUT, you do need to provide some sort of proof that the flight took place, such as a link to the VATSIM flight. Stick with the ACARS as it is easy and takes no time. We know that some of you are members of several VA’s. Please, no double dipping on hours. Enjoy your time with us! How can we make it better? It is your responsibility to let me know...so we can do it, if possible. As for my pledge to you as the Hub Manager: I will always be fair and just to each pilot. PIREPS are a top priority to me, and I will check for them as often as I can. I know it can be annoying to see PIREPS sit for 2-3 days, so I endeavor to avoid this at all cost. if you do not see a quick reply from me, I may be unavailable. I work during the day (albeit mostly from home, so if I am not responding, I really am bogged down with something.) Please be patient with me as my intention is to address your concerns and questions as soon as I possibly can. If I am unsure how to resolve an issue brought to me, I will let you know, and let you know the steps I am taking to get it resolved. If you don't like something I've done, call me on it. I may not change it, but I am always open to a discussion about it, and will always provide support for my decisions. I am human, and can make mistakes...and I own them. I will always comment on a PIREP. This is your way to know that I carefully reviewed your flight, and it is important to me. It is not a quick click the button for me...I look at it all because you took the time to submit it to us. If I am away for work, or on vacation, you'll know. For me, these are some of the things I feel are my responsibility to you, and I want to be held accountable to then by you. You can find me on Discord, and also feel free to email me at [email protected] Enjoy your time here, and Welcome to ATL! Jeff Edward DL1711 ATL Hub Manager


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