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  1. Jason Lohrenz

    Lohrenz Hanger 737

    A few updates to the blog tonight. Hoping to get some build progress posts done with pictures tomorrow...slowly but surely she's coming along.https://jmlohrenz.wixsite.com/lohrenzworld/blog/projectorshttps://jmlohrenz.wixsite.com/lohrenzworld/blog/the-other-computershttps://jmlohrenz.wixsite.com/lohrenzworld/blog/add-on-s
  2. Jason Lohrenz

    Director of Communications

    The Director of Communication is an exciting new role for Fly Delta Virtual. This person will have the following responsibilities: Managing internal and external official communications This will include staff, pilots, and the external virtual aviation community Partner with other organizations / sponsors to expand Fly Delta Virtual name recognition in the virtual airline community Establish and maintain relationships with outside organizations such as VATSIM Establish relationships with potential sponsors to promote their products within our VA Working with other members of the executive and administrative team to recruit new pilots to our airline Other tasks and duties as assigned from the CEO and/or COO. Job Requirements: Minimum age requirement of 18 Ability to dedicate 2 to 3 hours per week towards this role History of previous relationship management work either in the V.A. community or in the real world. Be in good standing with VATSIM and/or IVAO Preferable 2 to 3+ years flying in virtual airlines. Apply now: https://forum.flydeltavirtual.org/index.php?app=applicationform&module=applications&controller=form&id=1
  3. Jason Lohrenz


    We'll put you on a LOA. Hope you are able to return in the future.
  4. Jason Lohrenz

    Flying off into the sunset.

    Nice pic!
  5. Jason Lohrenz


    Thanks for the feedback. We are doing what we can to make this the best VA out there.
  6. Jason Lohrenz

    VACANCY: Events Coordinator [DAL1708]

    Dear Fly Delta Pilots, We currently have our Events Coordinator position open. This is a rather demanding and important position with our VA! The Events Coordinator has the following duties and requirements: Duties: Reports to the Director of Pilot Operations and the Administrative Team Responsible mainly for the planning, coordination, and execution of events Attends monthly meetings as necessary Maintains an active online presence withing the Fly Delta Virtual community Produces quality events using unique and creative ideas Coordinates with virtual airlines, pilot organizations, and ARTCC/FIR staff for maximum participation Develops event briefings and staffing assignments Frequently checks and responds to emails Other duties assigned by the Administrative Team Requirements: Be a member in good standing Maintain active status by logging minimum number of hours in accordance with the Fly Delta Virtual SOP Possess excellent written and oral communication skills Be able to work well in a team-oriented environment Process: Applications close on Saturday, July 7th. Applicants will go an initial evaluation / review. A thorough interview will follow for a select few candidates. Once selected, we will notify all candidates of the decision. Application can be found here: Staff Application If you have any questions about this position please reach out to an administrative team!
  7. Jason Lohrenz

    Lohrenz Hanger 737

    Video update of the cockpit:
  8. Jason Lohrenz

    Welcome to KDTW!

    They updated their website to a fancy one that is dynamic. Links updated!!
  9. Jason Lohrenz


    Have you tried using Delta Sky Club at the same time as SmartCARS to see what it reports for landing rate?
  10. Jason Lohrenz


    Yes. I believe both ACARS will work with it, you just need the xplane version of FSUIPC (can't remember its name) installed.
  11. Don't make fun of my 'free' website blog. Just easier to post in one place for multiple forums than to re-type all the time. The Main Computer: https://jmlohrenz.wixsite.com/lohrenzworld/blog/the-main-computer
  12. Jason Lohrenz

    Jason Lohrenz's 737 Cockpit

    LOL. Yes. I'll start a topic and post pictures.
  13. Jason Lohrenz

    Flight Bids

    OK. I'll talk with the staff and see what I can find out for you.
  14. Jason Lohrenz

    Small Details

    We will be getting to it eventually. We've got a lot of updates that we are working on to improve the site and are focusing on the ones that have the biggest impact for our pilots first. It is still on our list and has not been forgotten.
  15. Jason Lohrenz

    Flight Bids

    How long between your bid and when you look to fly? Mine disappear sometimes if I leave them out there too long. I'm not sure what the time frame is, but I will see what I can find out for you.


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