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    October 2018 Newsletter

    You can find the October 2018 Newsletter for the KLAX Hub down below. Sincerely, Chris Woolbright KLAX Hub Manager Fly Delta Virtual [email protected] October 2018 Newsletter.pdf
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    If you need help with something, have a question, or just want to talk in general you can schedule an appointment with me at this link. You can also always email me or message me on discord. https://flydelta.setmore.com/resourcebookingpage/r49451536259390704 Sincerely, Chris Woolbright LAX Hub Manager Fly Delta Virtual [email protected]
  3. Chris W. | LAX HM

    September 2018 News Letter

    Newsletter LAX Sep2018.pdf Sincererly, Chris Woolbright LAX Hub Manager Fly Delta Virtual [email protected]
  4. I'm a 17 year old senior who is extremely passionate about flying and the aviation industry. I'm currently in the Air Force JROTC Program at my high school where I take place is regular activities such as: Drill, Color Guard, Flag Detail, Apollo, and plenty more. I'm also a staff member with the program and show skills of leadership and respect. A little about my flight sim experience. I have over 8,000 hours of flying in the sim, both FSX and X-Plane. I've taught multiple people how to fly on the sim and learn what they need to know. I started flying on VATSIM in December of 2015. Since then I've logged 3,300 hours. I've had past staff experience at other VA's as well. I've had the roles of Cheif Pilot (Hub Manager) at American Virtual, Asst. Events at American Virtual, I wasn't official but helped with quite of bit at UPS Virtual, and most recently I was Vice President of Events at Virtual United. If you ever need any help, or have any questions my door is always open! You can reach me by email or on Discord. Sincerely, Chris Woolbright LAX Hub Manager Fly Delta Virtual [email protected]


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