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  1. Henry Kon

    CAT Free Events/Timeframes

    +1 I've seen this done once or twice in the past with pretty good turnout, so I think it would be a good idea. Maybe time it to coincide with VATSIM events/fly-ins?
  2. Hi, I'm Henry, and I'd like to personally welcome you to Fly Delta Virtual! We're a great VA dedicated to you, the pilot. While we may have some "rules and regulations", we are still a very chill and lenient VA. We focus on providing you with the best experience at all times, including the freedom to choose how you want to fly. But enough about all of that, you came to hear about Seattle! Seattle-Tacoma (or SeaTac if that's more your thing) is a fairly small hub within Fly Delta Virtual. We came into existence before the ahem migration, and carried over the few pilots we had to start off with. I'd love to grow the hub so if you are ever interested in transferring over to SeaTac, just get in contact with myself or your Hub Manager via email or Discord, we'd be happy to help. Some contact info: Email: [email protected] Discord: The Munsta#1106 Happy Flying!


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