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  1. Hey CVG Pilots! I'm your new Hub Manager(sorta..)! I got this position around two weeks ago, and I just got around to this! Anyways, I'm so excited to be your Hub Manager and I hope we can get along and make CVG the best hub in Fly Delta Virtual! If you ever need to get a hold of me, DM me on Discord! I'm planning on doing plenty of events for our hub, and awarding you all for flying and being in the CVG family! Sincerely, Ethan Ross
  2. Ethan Ross

    So what is this I hear about “Double Hours”?

    Hey Matt! Thanks for asking! We're offering 2x Hours, or Double Hours for all Qualifying-Flights, or any flights that are considered "passes" in our Terms until Sunday. The reason for this is because it marks the 1 Month Anniversary of Fly Delta Virtual! I can confirm that is true what you've heard. It also applies to all hubs.


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