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  1. Alright everyone, we made it to 2019, so we're just going to talk about a few things real quick to get back up to speed, but also just to kick off the new year! Since the official launch of Fly Delta Virtual last year, our SLC hub has been continually growing along with the airline which has been absolutely phenomenal. I'd like to take the time to thank all of you for the work you've dedicated into making Fly Delta Virtual the airline that is is today. With that being said I would like to address a few things, as well as some future plans we have in store to make Salt Lake City the airline's best hub in 2019. First off, I would like to congratulate our own pilot, Andrew Nasson, on his promotion to DCE. With Andrew being a member of our hub, as well as a good friend of mine personally, we plan on having a bunch of events not only for the airline as a whole, but some great events coming based around the SLC hub. If you're into that kind of stuff, Salt Lake City is the place to be! As a result of the airline's events being directed by one of our own, there will be a bunch of rewards like double, or even triple hours given to anyone who participates in the events. Last year's turnout was a little sad after the start of the school year, so we'll be bringing those numbers back up to where they belong this year, and it all starts here in Salt Lake City. Another item of business I would like to address is how to contact your hub staff. With the movement of some of our staff members, I am currently the only Hub Manager. The work load is not awful, though if you try to contact me through the forum or email, I may not respond very quickly. The best way to get a hold of me is to send me a ping in the Fly Delta Virtual Discord which can be found on the website, or simply just to leave a comment on your next flight. I check submitted PIREPs daily so you'll only be waiting a maximum of 12 hours for a response. Now onto a personal note, one resolution I would like to make for this year is to create the best user experience for all of the members of our hub. This means more interaction between you and I through the Discord, flight log comments, and hopefully the forum as well! Our hub isn't the largest in the airline so I would like to get to meet all of you one on one over the course of this next year. Anyway, I thought I'd just say a few things to kick us off for the next year here at Fly Delta Virtual. I hope you are all enjoyed your holidays and I hope to see you all in the skies soon! Your Salt Lake City Hub Manager, Jeremy Richards | DAL1729
  2. Welcome to KSLC! My name is Jeremy Richards and I am your Hub Manager. I am a high school student and a pilot trainee at Utah Valley University. I’ve been involved with flight simulators for about two years now and have been a part of the VATSIM network for roughly a year. Salt Lake City is my home airport so I take great pride in being the hub manager here. I’d love to get to meet all of you, so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to come to talk to me about them. On behalf of the FlyDeltaVirtual team, I welcome you to Salt Lake City! Best regards, Jeremy Richards


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