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  1. George Grosvener


    We can process a hub transfer Jesse but we need to know where you want to be based. I understand you are at KMSP now. Glad the KACARS is working now and for your patience while we changed FDV computer hardware.
  2. George Grosvener

    February 2019 Newsletter

    Yes, nice read and way to go... setting the FDV bar high!
  3. Nice newsletter Nick
  4. George Grosvener

    Fly Delta Academy - Flight Training

    Ok, two answers. 1. Tours need to flown in the aircraft type that you specify when signing up. 2. When simply bidding for flights you can sign up for flights using your type rating. Once signed up if you choose 737 for example you can fly any 737 on that flight! To clarify, if you sign up to fly a 777 (assuming you are type rated) but fly the A350-900 you may have to discuss your actions with your hub manager. Keep climbing and blue skies! George, DPT DAL1706
  5. George Grosvener

    Fly Delta Academy - Flight Training

    Hello Pilots! Welcome to the FDA (Fly Delta Academy) forum post. Anyone who knows EVERYTHING about aviation, flying airplanes, navigation and communication please reply here so we can learn what you know. EVERYONE ELSE..... including myself and my instructors, please feel free to post topics about aviation or flying that may help someone else. If you need help or have an uncontrollable need to learn more about aviation please let us know. Making better pilots.... making a better VA.... Fly Delta Virtual!!
  6. George Grosvener

    Jason Lohrenz's 737 Cockpit

    Action photos please... is the sim universal for all planes?
  7. George Grosvener

    Small Details

    Absolute agree! Punching the quads through the firewall makes as much sense as driving your car full throttle every time you move. My job here is to teach how acceleration and deceleration should be handled. Personally, I go less than half throttle to let both (on a two engine aircraft) engines sync then I usually takeoff at about 80%. Good talk peeps! George Grosvenor Director of Pilot Training


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