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  1. andrewgrey

    Monday Fly In KDEN to KRAP

    Shoot, I missed this post Tom. I'll try to make the next one.
  2. andrewgrey


    Thanks man! Good to be back. See if I can keep this FSX going for awhile on this wacky computer of mine
  3. andrewgrey


    Ok. I managed to get FSX to working again. How do I get back on active status? I tried signing in on Smartcars, but it said I was unable.
  4. andrewgrey


    I can't find any way on this site to contact anybody at HR so I guess I'll post here. I switched to XP11 and my computer just can't handle it and I'm not going back to P3D or FSX so please put me into retirement. If I ever buy a supercomputer in the future, I will re-apply. Thanks for all the fun, Andrew Grey DAL1958
  5. andrewgrey


    Nice job on the latest website update. Looks really good, and functional too. I look forward to continued improvements. Much better than any other VA I have seen. AG
  6. andrewgrey


    I am curious as to why these SMARTCARs never work. It's not just this VA. Any VA for which I have ever flown has the same issue. You file the report and there is some kind of error. I use X-Plane so I am not able to use the advanced one we have. But if I submit one flight out of ten and it goes through, it's a good day. AG
  7. andrewgrey


    Thanks, Jason. Here's the current link for it if anyone else is looking: http://www.tosi-online.de/XPUIPC/XPUIPC.html
  8. andrewgrey


    Are we X-Plane compatible yet? I hope so because I am having all kinds of probs with FSX and P3D. I just bought XP-11 and it's quite incredible. Scenery is way beyond the other two. Andrew Edit - whoops, just saw the X-Plane section below. I guess that means we are X-Plane ready?
  9. andrewgrey

    Jason Lohrenz's 737 Cockpit

  10. andrewgrey

    Jason Lohrenz's 737 Cockpit

    I wanna hear more about this B737 cockpit he's building in his basement.
  11. andrewgrey


    Anyone know if this is a real flight or a mistake on the schedule? They really have a JFK-LGA flight? AG DAL1958
  12. andrewgrey

    Booking a flight

    Oh cool. Didn't see where you could do this. I'll look further. AG.
  13. andrewgrey


    Thanks a lot. AG
  14. andrewgrey

    Booking a flight

    I agree about being able to sort the columns. Maybe just be able to click at the top of the column and sort by aircraft/destination etc. Also, just my opinion, but I do not find the various versions of each type of aircraft necessary. It's kind of a pain having to search through six different versions of the 737 each time. I would also like to see a map of all of my previous flights at some point in the future. AG
  15. 6-8 weeks summer in southern Michigan. Just had our first warm day today. It hit 70 for a couple hours. AG


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