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  1. DAL1876


    Challenge accepted. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
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    Small Details

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    https://www.tfdidesign.com/717.php Check mate.
  4. DAL1876

    Small Details

    Any word on when this will be fixed? Or did we give up on addressing the details?
  5. You ready for the snowpocalypse this weekend?
  6. Yeah it's still snowing here...in Spring...in April. Yeah it's supposed to snow next weekend...so what? MSP's a great field with a solid restaurant selection between the concourses. Anyway, just felt like our sub-forum needed a little love. Hopefully I'm the only real soul unfortunate enough to call this arctic tundra and all it has to offer home. P.S. it's really not too bad during the three week summer.
  7. DAL1876

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    You wouldn't melt them but you might melt your employment away.
  8. DAL1876

    Small Details

    Not a priority to change, but I think VAs are all about simulating real world...soo....here goes. On the home page the awesome video snippets of various aircraft and shots show a scene where someone punches the throttles of a 737. As a rw pilot I'd like to point out that punching the throttle is never advised for a whole list of reasons. That said, it's just my thoughts so take them for what they're worth.
  9. DAL1876

    Fake VA?

    Awesome. Glad to be a part of it if that's the case!
  10. I was desperately seeking something similar to TOPCAT so I could, more importantly than any de-rate, calculate runway distance margins on takeoff and landing. Since TOPCAT suffers on available profiles, specifically for the 737-900, the search was on. I stumbled upon QSimPlanner... https://qsimplan.wordpress.com/ It's free and actively being developed...for free. Numbers are very close to real world performance and the A320 performance profiles for CFM will be added shortly. Also, did I mention it's free? It's a stand alone app that can use Navigraph data if you decide to use it for fuel planning purposes. You just need an active Navigraph subscription to do so. Try it out and feel free to ask any questions. I've been using it for several flights now and love it as a rw pilot.
  11. DAL1876

    Fake VA?

    Very true...but not quite the point. I guess what's the deal between the two VAs? It this a transition form the old completely (ie will all pilots jump over) or is this a new delta virtual that's poaching pilots off the old? And perhaps poaching isn't the best word, but it makes the point.
  12. DAL1876

    Fake VA?

    Same question....


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