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  1. Since a good payware MD-90 does not exist to my knowledge, can I use my Flight1 Super 80 Professional so that my PIREPS would still be accepted?
  2. I sent hub manager a request for LOA yesterday by sending my hub manager a message on the forum. I hope it was received.
  3. DAL5271


    I can land the PMDG 777 manually and it will say that I bounced 3 times. The problem with that is that I do not bounce. What is actually being measured in the 777's case when you make a very smooth landing is the 3 reports of -7 fpm, -5 fpm, and -3 fpm when the B777's individual trucks are touching down onto the pavement. The 777 has 6 pairs of trucks, divided by 2 and you get 3, 1 pair of trucks from both main struts touching down at the same time as with a smooth landing the roll factor being 0.
  4. DAL5271


    The best way to prove that smartCARS requires a complete re-working of their (TFDi) code that measures landing rates is to do this: If possible, take 3 payware airplanes and fly them in severe clear weather and no wind. Pick 1 airport that is relatively close to your FlyDeltaVirtual hub so that you can see the results much quicker in smartCARS. Just make sure that you are landing at an airport that has a CAT-III runway. Let the autopilot autoland in each of the 3 airplanes. So in my case it is PMDG 737NGX, TFDi 717, and PMDG 777. What you will find is that smartCARS landing rates are almost the same in the individual airplanes. So in my case I have the following measurements: PMDG 737NGX: smartCARS registers landings between -97 and -152 fpm every time, even with real world live weather. PMDG 777: Unbelievably smooth landings every time, but it registers between -215 and -252 fpm. You can do a replay, or live, and watch the 3 sets of trucks settle onto the runway 1 pair at a time. TFDi 717: The smoothest autolands out of any plane I have ever owned. Beginning at 5 feet AGL, I can literally count each individual foot at 2 to 4 seconds per foot above the runway, and sometimes it stays at 0 feet AGL and you barely feel the plane is on the runway. Yet smartCARS registers it at numbers between -268 and -352 fpm on average every time.
  5. DAL5271


    This does not have 100% to do with your post. But in FSX, smartCARS does not properly measure landing rates, and the chief programmer over at TFDi has admitted that smartCARS needs to be tweaked in more than one way.
  6. DAL5271

    Transfer hours

    Mark, Thank you for the VATSIM hours comment here! Jason, Thanks for the comments. Brandon
  7. DAL5271

    Transfer hours

    I would stay on board if you had 2 categories of pilots: VATSIM pilots and offline pilots. If you do not, you will have an unequal playing field like many other VAs regarding flight hours which is tied to seniority and true commitment to the VA. There is another VA that has been around for a very long time and they respect VATSIM time, and as such they will accept all of my and other VA pilot's VATSIM hours because that shows commitment. I doubt if this VA will ever distinguish VATSIM hours from offline hours. Just about anyone can build hours quickly by flying offline which puts those of us that fly on VATSIM at a very unfair disadvantage - seniority, etc. Also the way you guys tried to have people migrate over from deltavirtual by making it look like a new iteration of the same VA by putting messages in PIREPs left a bad taste in my mouth personally, and not telling those of us that signed up here had no clue about putting caps on transfer hours made the taste even more sour. So based on the above, please delete my account.
  8. DAL5271

    Transfer hours

    You did not answer my first question. On top of that, since this VA's SOP only became available to me after I joined, and within that had I known that there was going to be a cap of 200 hours from VATSIM, I would have never joined this spin-off and here is why: Many VA pilots that have thousands of hours build up most, or all, of that time by flying long legs with no weather of any kind (CAVOK and no winds) and by not flying online so all they have to do is take off, turn on AP at 400' agl along with LNAV and VNAV engaged, and then check their flight after 12 hours to see how much longer it is until they have to descend. That is fine as that is their prerogative. When I joined deltavirtual, I was able to read the SOP before joining. They accepted all VATSIM hours and former VA hours if I remember correctly.
  9. DAL5271

    Transfer hours

    Before I registered, where was the SOP located? I could only access the SOP under downloads after being accepted and then being able to login because it seems you have to login in order to have access to the SOP. However in your SOP under Transfer Hours you state that only 200 hours is the max amount of hours you will accept from VATSIM, or 25% out of 200 hours max from another VA will be accepted, but no one can combine a transfer of hours from both VATSIM hours and former VA hours. So how is it that the pilot roster shows pilots that have thousands of hours already? DAL5271


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