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    Can't Connect XP11 to ACARS

    Please note that if you have problems connecting with XACARS it is due to the address field in XACARS require https instead of http. (secured) Therefore the address to insert in the XACARS.ini shown in the post above should be: (note the https) [server] Address = https://crew.flydeltavirtual.org/action.php/acars/xacars/acars PIREP = https://crew.flydeltavirtual.org/action.php/acars/xacars/pirep FlightInfo = https://crew.flydeltavirtual.org/action.php/acars/xacars/data
  2. AFR1840 Michel Rene

    Can't Connect XP11 to ACARS

    Hello Another way to connect using X-Plane (PC or Mac) is to use the XACARS plugin (http://www.xacars.net). XACARS is very basic; it connects, can read flight plans, will report position, and file a pirep when complete. It is a very basic phpVMS client with no bells and whistles. It does not report flight configuration changes or landing rate (although it is logged). I use it since for a Mac user, it is the only ACARS plugin that works on X-Plane on a Mac. It works for PC as well. The xacars.ini file must have the following information to work on flydeltavirtual: enter your pilot ID and password. Hope this helps ! No need for UPCIPC. [server] Address = http://crew.flydeltavirtual.org/action.php/acars/xacars/acars PIREP = http://crew.flydeltavirtual.org/action.php/acars/xacars/pirep FlightInfo = http://crew.flydeltavirtual.org/action.php/acars/xacars/data User = DALxxxx Password = your_password_here [ACARS] POSReportTime = 1 EnableLiveACARS = 1 EnablePIREP = 1 AutoPIREP = 1


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