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  1. DAL1845 Jesse Kovacs

    Flight requirements

    What is the actual requirement? I thought it was 1 per calendar month, yet I received a warning stating it's been over 30 days since i flew. The SOP is kind of vague: " It is required that each pilot submit at least one (1) PIREP per month. " To me, that means calendar month. So I can better keep track, which is correct?
  2. DAL1845 Jesse Kovacs


    I want to be based at MSP, they have me at ATL currently. And, it was the smartcars that wasn't working. I thought that was the preferred program? If not, no problem continuing to use kacars. Thanks, George.
  3. DAL1845 Jesse Kovacs


    Any info on this? I can use kacars without issue. Also, I'm pretty sure I was originally assigned to KMSP, if i can be transferred. Thanks!
  4. DAL1845 Jesse Kovacs


  5. DAL1845 Jesse Kovacs


    Soooo, I'm able to login to the crew center, but Smartcars is saying my account is inactive.... trying to get a flight in now.
  6. DAL1845 Jesse Kovacs


    Great! Thanks, Obi!
  7. DAL1845 Jesse Kovacs


    Hey, guys, how do I go about being reinstated to active? TIA
  8. DAL1845 Jesse Kovacs

    Cabin Announcements

    Seems that the announcements/safety video cuts off half way through them. Any ideas?
  9. DAL1845 Jesse Kovacs

    Sky Club buttons

    Any news on this?
  10. DAL1845 Jesse Kovacs

    Flight Bids

    Not long, seems like only a day or two.
  11. DAL1845 Jesse Kovacs

    Flight Bids

    They keep disappearing! Any ideas?
  12. DAL1845 Jesse Kovacs

    Booking a flight

    I concur...
  13. DAL1845 Jesse Kovacs

    Sky Club buttons

    Any chance you can change the color of the text on the buttons to white? The black text on the dark blue is really hard to see. Thanks.
  14. DAL1845 Jesse Kovacs

    Fake VA?

    Ok, thanks for the clarification, Mark. I guess you guys must have woke him up, because now he's sending out emails trying to discredit you guys. In any event, happy to be here!
  15. DAL1845 Jesse Kovacs

    Fake VA?

    Why am I getting barraged with emails saying this VA is fake?


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