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  1. John D. | LGA HM

    Welcome to LaGuardia!

    Greetings! I am John Domino and I am the current Hub Manager for LaGuardia. If you are new to us here in LGA, welcome! I would like to take this opportunity to let all of you know that I will dedicate all that I am able to help make your time and experience here at out Hub at Fly Delta Virtual and enjoyable as possible. I also look forward to flying with and offering any assistance I can. We may be a small Hub in contrast to our other ports of operation, but I would like to use that to our advantage by making us closer and as active as possible. Let us all show everyone how great FDV can be. If you all ever need to contact me, you can get me here [email protected], on Discord DAL1717 John D, and here. Please take a moment to look over the important and informative charts in regards to our home below! Keep Climbing!


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