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  1. Obi Onyemaobi


    I've moved you over to MSP. We actually have no preferred program, you are free to use whichever one you want! SmartCARS wasn't working for you because you were marked as inactive.
  2. Obi Onyemaobi


    Issue has been fixed! Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Obi Onyemaobi

    pirep filing error

    Issue has been fixed! Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Obi Onyemaobi

    Problems with uploading pireps

    Issue has been fixed! Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Obi Onyemaobi


    I have done just so for you!
  6. Obi Onyemaobi


    I have reactivated your account!
  7. Obi Onyemaobi

    VACANCY: Events Coordinator [DAL1708]

  8. Obi Onyemaobi

    Cabin Announcements

    Hmmm. I am not sure how to answer that. @Braeden Dang Do you have any thoughts?
  9. Obi Onyemaobi

    Bring back the map!

    These features have been added!
  10. Obi Onyemaobi

    Good Morning DTW, HM Intro

    As far as I know, this issue was fixed. If it still is giving issues for you, I can guarantee that it will be fixed within the next day or so as we are getting ready for a big change to both our front page and our back page (which is where all the magic happens!)
  11. Obi Onyemaobi


    As per the S.O.P., no duel connections are allowed. SmartCARS and the Delta SkyClub both utilize SimConnect and/or FSUIPC, which reports your Landing Rate regardless of what client you use. I recommend that if you want to test this, download the application Landing Rate Monitor, which is available here ------------> http://lk2.in/gM
  12. Obi Onyemaobi

    Bring back the map!

    Yes, as Mark said I am currently working on this feature on a modified/new front page. Although it may take a bit longer than a couple of weeks.........
  13. Obi Onyemaobi


    Andrew, I would find that surprising too, but there are actual flights with Delta that go from JFK to LGA! Hope the provided screenshot will provide evidence of it being so.


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