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  3. Fly Delta Virtual

    The July Edition of The Tarmac

    The July edition of Fly Delta Virtual's Monthly Newsletter, "The Tarmac," has been published. It can be downloaded here: https://crew.flydeltavirtual.com/index.php/downloads/dl/17 Its also available for download from the "Downloads" section of the Crew Center. Keep Climbing! View the full article
  4. Fly Delta Virtual

    MNGF for 7/8/2019

    The Monday night group flight for July 8th will be from KLAX to KSEA. Starting time is 00:00z or 8pm eastern. We hope to see you there! View the full article
  5. Fly Delta Virtual

    Fly Delta Virtual is Hiring!

    Fly Delta Virtual is looking to fill two positions. We are looking for two highly qualified individuals to fill our Director of Marketing and Events position, as well as our KJFK Hub Manager position. If you are interested in becoming a staff member, please fill out an application. View the full article
  6. Fly Delta Virtual

    July Destination of the Month

    To help celebrate the Fourth of July, Fly Delta Virtual's destination of the month will be Philadelphia, PA. Remember, all flights to and from KPHL will be CAT FREE for the month of July! View the full article
  7. Joe Hill Sr.


    I was reinstated in the past but because of health reasons I was unable to fly. I am 73 years old and I have over 5000+ hours on VATSIM. There may be times in the future because of health issues I may not fly for long periods of time, in that case I'll reach out directly to HR in the future. I would like to return as a pilot. Thank you. Joe Joe Hill DAL2160 MSP Hub
  8. Fly Delta Virtual

    [NOTAM] Newsletter Release

    At the beginning of every month; our Vice President of Human Resources, Thomas Mayne, releases a newsletter with the most up-to-date news, hub stats, and events from around Fly Delta Virtual. Our newsletter is created for all members of Fly Delta Virtual; prosperous, new, and old followers included! To view the June 2019 edition of the newsletter, click here! Alternatively, you may access the Newsletter via: https://crew.flydeltavirtual.org/lib/downloads/The_Tarmac_June_2019.pdf We look forward to seeing you in flight over the next month! Keep flying higher and higher, cause who knows what may be in store for July....... Safe travels, pilots! View the full article
  9. Fly Delta Virtual

    [NOTAM] ATL Real Ops

    NOTAM] Pilots: Fly Delta Virtual has been invited to be a focus airline for an upcoming event at VATSIM. On June 29, 2019, Atlanta Real Ops will take place, and will have full staffing from CTR to GND...everything! The ARTCC wants to mimic real world ops, and have asked Fly Delta Virtual to participate. When we were asked to participate, they requested we choose a flight arriving into KATL, and one departing KATL. We chose KDTW to KATL, and KATL to KBOS. We will fly it just in that order: we will start in Detroit, fly to Atlanta, drop off our passengers, and then load up and fly KATL-KBOS. If you want to fly another route, you can, but you will NOT be prioritized by ATC....so expect a long wait, and lots of circling. IMPORTANT: We MUST tell the ARTCC how many pilots we expect to participate, so they can slot us into the day, and provide us with Priority approach and departure. So, YOU MUST SIGN UP NOW otherwise we won't have an accurate count. I have set it for 20 slots initially, but can add more if we fill up. The time you choose is not as important as just signing up so we have a number. Sign up here, immediately: https://crew.flydeltavirtual.org/index.php/events/get_event?id=38 View the full article
  10. Fly Delta Virtual

    Happy Memorial Day!

    Fly Delta Vrtual would like to wish all it's members a very safe and happy Memorial Day. Please take this weekend to reflect on all those that are serving and have served to protect the USA. "All gave some and some gave all" We will never forget! View the full article
  11. Fly Delta Virtual

    [NOTAM] Tours Announcement

    Tour Survey Completed and Announcement Last weekend I issued a survey to all pilots and asked for your feedback on our current Tour offerings. I received about 30 responses and appreciate all of you who took the time to complete the survey and provide your thoughts on what you like about our tour offerings, and what you would like to improve. I wanted to be sure and inform you of the results of the survey, and you can view it by clicking here Please note that the written comments are not available as there was no easy way to transfer them over, but I can assure you each one was read, and considered. Based on the survey, we found the following findings: 1. Many like the current tour offerings, but there are a couple of areas we could improve. 1. You like Domestic tours and like to be challenged with tours. 3. You overwhelmingly prefer US Domestic short-haul runs. 4. You like the Monday Night Group Flight, and like it following a tour each week. 5. Challenges are well accepted, as are tiered tours (need to complete one before you can complete the next). Please note that this is a blind survey, so I have no idea who said what, and this is an average over all responses. With that in mind, we want to incorporate your wishes for tours immediately. So, moving forward we will make the following changes: 1. Tours will have expiration dates. This helps to make them more exclusive to those who complete them. 2. We are working hard to create badges for tour completion, and hope to roll that out shortly. (If we have any graphic designers, let me know!) Awards will be retroactive,so don’t worry about getting that tag for a past tour. 3. We are going to make tours more challenging for those who like them. This includes difficult approaches, short duration tours and other challenges. 4. We are now allowing different aircraft on tours-you are no longer tied to the same aircraft for the entire tour! 5. We will run contests where the prize might be the ability to work with me on designing a tour so pilots have direct input on a tour. With that, we are unveiling some things about current tours: 1. The following tours will be permanent tours: a. Cross the Pacific b. Cross the Atlantic c. Caribbean Tour d. Alaskan Tour e. Delta Current Hub Tour f. Hawaiian Hop g. National Park Tour h. Around the World in 80 days Tour i. Delta Historic Hubs Tour j. Skyteam International Hubs Tour 2. The remaining tours will expire. This means that if you are halfway through a tour, you need to complete it before the expiration date. Once it expires, it will not be available any longer, and you won’t have a way to earn the badge that comes with completing it (when the badge system comes out, badges will be done retroactively). This creates a bit of exclusivity for those who did complete the tour. a. PGA Golf Tour expires on September 15, 2019 b. 2019 2ndAnnual March Madness Tour expires on May 15, 2019 c. Major League Baseball tour will expire on October 31, 2019 d. Formula 1 Tour will expire on August 15, 2019 3. We are also releasing 3 new tours for you. a. Off to the Beach! Tour will travel around the US to various beach locations to celebrate the beginning of Beach season in the US. This is a 8 leg tour with most short-haul routes. It will expire on September 15, 2019. b. A week in the Life of a Delta Pilot Tour is a bit of a challenge. It follows a sample of what a real-world pilot would fly, and you only have 8 days to complete it! Read the notes on each leg for your overnight, and all your assigned legs for the day. If you don’t complete it in 8 days, you’ll need to restart! This tour will expire on August 1, 2019 (but may be extended if you want longer). c. Tough Approaches Tour is the master of all challenges: land at some of the most challenging approaches worldwide, and no cheating by taking an easier approach! Read the leg notes for the approach you need to take to accomplish that leg of the tour. Also, if you can get -100 feet or less landing on EVERY leg, you will win the Diamond Medallion Tough Approaches Badge (we are still working on the badge)! This tour will expire on September 1, 2019. 4. You can change aircraft during your tour. This has been a feature requested for a long time. We have been limited by technical barriers to doing this but have found that you can change aircraft during a tour, just not officially on the tour page. a. You should still sign up with the aircraft you intend to complete most of the tour. For example, if you plan to use a 737-800 for 8 of the 10 legs, sign up using a 737-800. b. If you want to use a different aircraft, you add the bid as you have in the past. When you fly the bid using ACARS (Delta Sky Club or SmartCars) open as you normally do, (it will show the aircraft you signed up with) but change/load in the aircraft you are actually flying into the PIREP. Submit as you normally do. The tour should move to the next leg, and the pirep will reflect the aircraft you flew. c. If you encounter any issues, reach out to me, your Hub Manager or the DPO. As the Administration team at Fly Delta Virtual, we are committed to making your time with us fun and engaging. We hope you find the new tours, and the new direction we are going with tours exciting. We will continue to evaluate how the tours are going, and feel free to drop us a line and let us know how we are doing. Jeff / DL1706 Director of Marketing and Events View the full article
  12. Fly Delta Virtual

    Fly for the Kentucky Derby

    Get the Horses to the Kentucky Derby on Time! On May 4, 2019 the 145th run of Churchill Downs will take place at the Kentucky Derby, but the horses are still in Tampa! This group flight will take place beginning 3pm and 6pm EDT from KTPA to KSDF. Upon successful landing at Louisville, the DME will message you for your horse pick for the races, which takes place at 6:50pm EDT. Whoever picks the winner, and of those winners, the pilot with the landing closest to -100 Ft/min as recording by ACARS on your PIREP will win a FREE COPY OF FSDREAMTEAM Scenery of KSDF for FSX and P3D! When: Saturday May 4, 2019, arriving into KSDF between 3-6pm Eastern Time. Where: Group flight from Tampa International (KTPA) to Louisville Sandiford International (KSDF) (flight time 1h30) Who: Registered Fly Delta Virtual pilots only Contest: Horse choices will be published on DISCORD earlier on Saturday. Upon arrival to KSDF, reach out to Jeff on Discord and let him know you have arrived and give him your pick for the winning horse. No changes! Once you have given him your choice, you can log off and wait for the results. Once the winning horse is announced, the Fly Delta Virtual Admin team will tabulate the winners. In the event that there is more than one winner, we will use your landing rate, as recorded by ACARS on your PIREP, and the winner will be the pilot who chose the winning horse, and has a landing rate as close to -100 feet/min. Prize: Free copy of FSDreamTeam Louisville Scenery ($28) for FSX and P3D. Depending on the number of pilots who participate, we may offer additional First prizes. Rules: 1. You must fly the KTPA-KSDF route on VATSIM 2. You must have a full and complete ACARS log for the flight. Manual Pireps may be eligible for flight credit but WILL NOT be eligible for the prize. 3. Everyone has an equal chance of winning, This is not a race. 4. One entry per person 5. Only one pick for winning horse Any Questions, reach out to Jeff or any member of the Admin Team. Sign Up Now:https://crew.flydeltavirtual.com/index.php/ccevents/event/11 View the full article
  13. Fly Delta Virtual

    [VATSIM Event] First Wings

    New to VATSIM, or nervous about ATC communications? VATSIM First Wings may be for you! VATSIM First Wings - The event where you lose your fears and join in on the fun that is flying online with real people providing you Air Traffic Control services. Between 2300z on April 27th and 0200z on the 28th, VATSIM will be holding the second edition of this event, this time around in North America. Minneapolis and Chicago Air Traffic Controllers will be our hosts for the evening, staffing Rochester, Rockford, Eastern Iowa and Duluth International. We are all aware of the many fears one has the first time he or she flies online (we all flew our first flight at one point!), and that is why this event exists, to help you face those fears and join in on the fun! Do not be put off flying for the fear of making a mistake, all Air Traffic Controllers are aware that the majority of pilots flying are newcomers, likely inexperienced in flying in controlled airspace, and will adapt accordingly. The only thing we ask of you is to know how to fly your airplane. For everything else, we are here to help. Closer to the day of, routes and a short briefing pack will be provided. On top of that, experienced pilots/air traffic controllers will be online during the event available to answer any question and help with any issue you may have. (We would like to ask already experienced and active VATSIM-pilots to not participate in the event, as to avoid unnecessarily overloading the airfields and frequencies.) Please note that this is not a Fly Delta Virtual Event, but rather an event from one of our Partner, VATSIM. Fly Delta Virtual does not condone or endorse the event, but does want to provide the appropraite information to its pilots. https://www.vatsim.net/events/vatsim-first-wings-0 Sign Up Now:https://crew.flydeltavirtual.org/index.php/ccevents/event/10 View the full article
  14. Fly Delta Virtual

    Automatic Flight Assignments

    Automatic Flight Assignments are now operational! After 3 months of development and testing, the Automatic Flight Assignments system has been fully developed and approved for general VA use. This Automatic Flight Assignments system automatically assigns flights to pilots based off of a given amount of time, and we have enabled pilots the jurisdiction and ability to adjust their individual settings in that respect. The system assigns flights in correct time order. This means, that if you arrive at KATL at 17:00z, the next departure from KATL will be after 17:40z. The Automatic Flight Assignments system does not just select random flights. It looks into several factors that will determine your itinerary, such as the day of week and departure/arrival times. Night stops are possible for the early sleepers of Fly Delta Virtual. For example, if a flight arrives on a Tuesday evening and the return flight departs at 06:00z on a Wednesday morning, the system is designed to consider those types of flights for planning. When new assignments have been created, pilots will receive a notification email with a list of their assigned flights whenever any new assignments have been created. An important note to those inactive people on our roster, the system will only generate flights for active pilots. Once a pilot is inactive, the system will no longer generate any flights for this pilot and they will not receive notification emails from the system anymore. To view this new system, please visit the Crew Center and select Flight Assignments from the Flight Operations section of the Sidebar. We are proud to present the Automatic Flight Assignments system to enhance your enjoyment of the Fly Delta Virtual experience. It has been a long requested enhancement, and after a long testing period, we are excited to present it to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to you hub manager, or a member of the executive team. Jeff E. / DAL1706 Director of Marketing and Events View the full article
  15. Fly Delta Virtual

    [NOTAM] New SkyTeam Tour

    Dear Fly Delta Virtual Pilots, As the new Director of Marketing and Events, I am taking over tours, and their creation. I've planning a few tours out starting with this first one, and a few more in the coming couple of months. Tours are pretty popular among you, and we know you like to fly them. So, first, please comment as to what you would like to see in a tour? Do you have ideas? I'd love to hear them. We want to make them fun and exciting for you. So, to kick off my first tour as DME, I present: The Delta SkyTeam International Hubs tour! This tour requires completion of the Delta Current Hubs tour (domestic before International!) and hits some of the SkyTeam hubs such as Atlanta, Amsterdam (KLM), Moscow (Aeroflot), Seoul (Korean Air), Seattle (Delta), Paris (Air France), Buenos Aires (Aerolinas Argentinas), Mexico City (AeroMexico), Los Angeles (Delta), Taipei (Air China), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam Airlines), Shanghai (China Eastern Airlines) before heading on a very long flight back to Atlanta. On some planes you may need to weight restrict to make it, but they should make it. Have fun! As always, Tours are CAT-FREE at all times. Look for more tours to come and comment below as to what you would like to see, or tag me on Discord. Keep Climbing, Jeff / DL1706 Director of Marketing and Events View the full article
  16. Fly Delta Virtual

    Monday Night Group Flight

    Next leg of the MLB tour is Philadelphia KPHL to Atlanta KATL! Come join us for the next leg of the tour. View the full article
  17. Fly Delta Virtual

    [NOTAM] Personnel Changes

    Good evening Fly Delta Virtual Pilots, As we continue to grow as a virtual airline, we are dedicated to promoting from within our pilot ranks. Our success as a VA is attributable to each of you, and with that, we are announcing the following changes to our staff team: John Domino DAL1815 has stepped back from his position as Hub Manager at LaGuardia due to commitments outside the VA. He will be staying on with us as a pilot, and we look forward to seeing him continue to grow with us when time allows. Thank you, John, for your dedication to the LaGuardia Hub. Please extend your thanks to him for supporting the LGA Hub. We are excited to announce the following promotions to our Staff: Atlanta Hub: Dustin Mitchell DAL1712 has been moved from the Apprentice Program to the Assistant Hub Manager position at Atlanta. His pilot number will remain the same. Congrats Dustin! Detroit Hub: Beau Lewis DAL1715 has been promoted to the role of Hub Manager at Detroit. Many of you know Beau as an active member of our Discord Community, and of our Developer group. Beau is also a donator to Fly Delta Virtual. Congratulations, Beau! LaGuardia Hub: With the vacancy of the LGA Hub Manager positon, Raphael Weiner DAL1717 will be stepping in as as part of the Apprentice Program. He will work closely with members of the Administrative team to help manage the LGA Hub. Please welcome him to LGA! Please take a moment and thank John Domino for his service to the LGA Hub, and also extend congratulations to Dustin, Beau and Raphael. Jeff E. / DL1706 Director of Marketing and Events View the full article
  18. Fly Delta Virtual

    Personnel Announcement

    Good evening Fly Delta Virtual Pilots, Effective this evening, Nicholas Stanchina tendered his resignation as Detroit Hub Manager to the Executive Team so that he can focus on his responsibilities outside the VA. Nicholas will be missed as the DTW Hub Manager, and we look forward to his continued involvement in the VA outside of the Hub Manager role. We are glad to report that Nicholas will remain as a pilot with us. Please take a moment to thank Nicholas for his contributions to Fly Delta Virtual. Jeff Edward / DAL1706 Director of Marketing and Events View the full article
  19. Fly Delta Virtual

    Blow Your Refund in Vegas

    You have worked all year. And no matter if you are paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, our eyes all pop out at how much Uncle Sam has taken out of our paychecks. Well it is that time of the year, when we have our taxes done and to our surprise.we fine we paid too much to Uncle Sam!! YOUR GETTING A REFUND!!!! So what are you going to do with that money? Why not join VATUSA, ZLA, and joinava.org, and “BLOW YOUR REFUND IN VEGAS!!!” This is our 3rd annual event partnering up with ZLA to provide ATC for flights into VEGAS KLAS. On Monday night April 15 starting at 2359z ZLA will open up KLAS for pilots bringing all to people who received refunds hopping to double or triple them. We have contacted all surrounding ARTCC’s to ask if they can be open to provide services for departure or fly over. All of VATSIM has been invited to join ZLA as we “BLOW OUR REFUND IN VEGAS” event Date: APRIL 15 Starting at 2359z until 0400z at KLAS Sign Up Now:https://crew.flydeltavirtual.org/index.php/ccevents/event/2 View the full article
  20. Fly Delta Virtual

    [NOTAM] Position Opening

    With the appointment of Mark Springsteen to the role of CEO, the role of Director of Marketing and Events is now open. The DME is primarily responsible for managing the internal and external communications and potential opportunities of Fly Delta Virtual, as well as the creation and execution of events within Fly Delta Virtual and participation in VATSIM events. The DME is authorized to partner with others in (or outside of) Fly Delta Virtual to plan events. He/She is to advise and participate in decisions that may impact the ongoing reputation of the virtual airline and maintain relations with other communities such as VATSIM and other airlines for future event planning. The DME is typically responsible for communications to a wide range of stakeholders, including Fly Delta Virtual staff, pilots, and the virtual aviation community. The DME will utilize various channels of Fly Delta Virtual social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Extra duties may be delegated to the DME at the discretion of the CEO and/or COO. Those interested can apply on the forums at https://forum.flydeltavirtual.org/index.php?app=applicationform&module=applications&controller=form&id=1 The application window will close at 11:59pm EST this Tuesday, April 9th. View the full article
  21. Fly Delta Virtual

    [NOTAM] Promotion Announcement

    We would like to announce that Jeremy Bucuren will be moving into a new role as President of Fly Delta Virtual. Jeremy has been a great visionary, and has served as an inspiration to the entire organization. His visions and execution have created one of the best Virtual Airline experiences in existence today. Please help us thank Jeremy for his leadership, and congratulate him on the promotion to President. With the promotion to President, Jeremy has appointed Mark Springsteen to the position of Chief Executive Officer. With confirmation from the Administrative and Executive Staff, Mark will now lead the day to day operations for Fly Delta Virtual. Mark will strive to keep moving the VA forward with new ideas and innovations. Obi Onyemaobi will also be assuming a new role as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). In his new role, Obi will be responsible for ensuring that each department is running to their full potential. The CAO works with all members of the staff team to ensure that policies are being enforced, and that all departments are properly funded. Obi is to assure the financial integrity and development operations of Fly Delta Virtual. Obi has been instrumental in making sure that Fly Delta Virtual is at the top of the spectrum, in regards to technology and web design. With a development team full of highly qualified people, Obi will be serving the VA in a more administrative aspect. The development team will now fall under the direction of the entire Senior Staff. Please welcome and congratulate these three individuals to their new respective positions. As we continue to grow, changes to the structure may need tweaking from time to time. We feel that the recent changes will allow us to be more successful now, and in the years to come. View the full article
  22. Fly Delta Virtual

    Airport of the Month April

    The airport of the month for April is Amsterdam, EHAM. With the recent addition as a hub for Fly Delta VIrtual, we would like our pilots to get familiar with this great destination. If you fly into or out of EHAM, you will receive double hours. View the full article
  23. Fly Delta Virtual

    April 15th Blow Your Tax Refun

    The boys over at joinava.org have a great event every year, and we want to help them generate some traffic. It's the annual blow your tax refund flight. It is a fly in that takes place in Las Vegas. You can depart whichever airport you choose. Just make sure that you are scheduled to land between 0000 and 0400 zulu time. That's 8pm to midnight eastern time. We joined their fly in last year and had a blast. The featured airport for this event is KLAS of course! View the full article
  24. Fly Delta Virtual

    MNGF April 8th

    The Monday Night Group Flight for Monday, April 8th will be the second leg of the MLB Tour, which is KBOS to CYYZ. As with every week, the event will start at 8pm eaastern time zone. See you there! View the full article
  25. Fly Delta Virtual

    CAT FREE Extended!

    To help celebrate our 1 year birthday, we are making April CAT FREE. This means you may fly any aircraft in the fleet that you wish, no matter your current pilot rank. Enjoy this month, and fly those heavies! View the full article
  26. Fly Delta Virtual

    [NOTAM] FDV Instructors

    Hi all, Fly Delta Virtual is looking for some new instructors to join our new pilot training team. If you have any VATSIM or Real World credentials that you have to offer, then please speak up and let us know! Duties of the role of Instructor here at Fly Delta Virtual would include: Provide initial and continuing instruction to students aspiring for higher pilot training/knowledge Maintain written training records in our central pilot database system, which is accessible by the DPT, and Administrative staff Monitor progress of students assigned to them specifically, including; Assigning written exams from the sylybus to students when they are ready for solo practice Recommending students for an Over-The-Shoulder Exams to the DPT Conducting Over-The-Shoulder Exams when requested by other instructors Generally provide support to students in their learning process. Potential applicants should meet the following requirements: Must be a P1+ on the VATSIM network/or a Real World pilot Have been a member for FDV for a minimum of 2-3 months Demonstrated commitment to spending time with students Considerable skill and knowledge of VATSIM Pilot Training Procedures, and Fly Delta Virtual Training Procedures Communicate in a professional level of English Eager to learn new information, and willing to accept criticism in the interest of personal growth Having great patience through difficult situations Willing to follow the training curriculum as specified by the Director of Pilot Training, or other superiors. Applications can be sent to [email protected] where you can both detail how you meet these requirements, and how you excell at them as well. Good luck to everyone! Staff at the Fly Delta Virtual Academy View the full article
  27. Fly Delta Virtual

    [NOTAM] FDV April Meeting

    In accordance with Section V (C) (a), as amended, a general staff meeting has been scheduled for the 4th of April, 2019. Below is the public meeting agenda: View the full article
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